Affiliates FAQ

What is an affiliate program? How does it work?

An affiliate program is a revenue-sharing program where you, the affiliate, drive traffic to a merchant, which is SmartWinners. We'll share a percentage of the revenue generated by any customers you refer to us, and we'll be giving you a commission for a signup fee for new customers, too. Read More


Who can participate?

It doesn't matter if you have a large authority website, a small blog, run an email newsletter, use paid traffic, use social networking websites like Facebook, or anything else in between. You can become a SmartWinners affiliate. So anyone can participate in our program.


Does it cost anything to participate?

No, it doesn't cost any money to join our program. It is always going to be completely free to become a SmartWinners affiliate.


How much can I earn, and when do I get paid?

We offer a competitive affiliate program, and your earnings can vary based on your efforts and the sales or leads you generate. Your commission is typically 20% of each sale. The more you promote and the higher the quality of your referrals, the more you can earn.

As for payments, we typically pay our affiliates monthly. On average, our one-man affiliates earn between $US10,000-15,000 / month. Payments are typically made by bank transfer. Keep in mind that there may be a minimum threshold that you need to reach before we release your earnings. This threshold is set at $100 to ensure efficient processing.

If you have any other questions or need more details about our affiliate program, feel free to ask. We're here to support and help you maximize your earnings as our affiliate partner.


How are sales tracked?

Your sales are tracked with affiliate program tracking software. You will receive a custom-coded affiliate link that you can use to refer customers and affiliates to our site. You'll receive credit for purchases, acquisitions, and other affiliate sales activity for affiliates you refer based on this tracking link.

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